The Little Book recently revealed information which helps us to understand who God is.
Throughout The Little Book God Himself reveals who the Holy Son of God is.

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The Little Book is full of information that is important at this time for both Christians and non-Christians alike. The Little Book was given to us by God Himself to be shared with the world.

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The Original Code of the Holy Bible Now Revealed

What's New: July 1 2022

English and it's spelling is the ancient language of LORD ELohim and Spirits . LORD ELohim created what we call the English language trillions X trillions of years ago using math and Gematria to create this language . Over the years the LORD added new words to this language and how to spell them . When dealing with mortal life with free will He added a lot of words . A word like ' taxes ' was created by LORD ELohim when dealing with the Grays because Heaven does not have taxes . The LORD never taught the Grays and Anunnaki the English language but He made up words in English using the code for the Little Book regarding who they were and what they did .

When Humanity were creating something new or doing stuff that had no English name the LORD would give it a English name using math and Gematria and then teaching Spirits would try to teach humans the word or words that God made up for those things . In other words : LORD ELohim loves to play with riddles , math and Gematria and without a computer or calculator . Now that's amazing . LORD ELohim also created the Hebrew language for the Jews . The reason the LORD did not teach early Jews the English language is because it was to early and not the right time for people to know the Little Book . It was the English language and it's spelling that sealed the Little Book until today which is the Sabbath Day and Last Day .

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666: The Mystery Revealed

The Little Book 666 section is the largest section in the Little Book. This section corrects many errors that mankind has made regarding Lord Elohim and many other subjects about the Spirit world and even errors about ourselves. This section is also to teach mankind the truth about many subjects like are we alone in the universe.

WARNING: The Little Book says a lot about now and the future but also in the past. This Book may not be for you . It's not good news about our future as mankind. God is honest about everything He talks about in the Little Book. The Little Book 666 section is a teaching Book but also a Book of warnings to mankind of what God believes our future will be soon. Most people don't know what is really going on in the world today and some would rather not know. If you would rather not know about what's going on about earth and what is possibly coming in the near future this Book is not for you. Again much of what is in the Little Book is not good news for mankind . We failed our tests over and over again and soon times up.

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The Bible Little Book Part ONE

The 'Little Book' is a Book of God's that has been hidden within the Holy Word of God the Holy Bible for countless years. The Little Book recently revealed to us by God contains information which helps us to understand who God is. Throughout The Little Book God Himself reveals who the Holy Son of God is.

In Revelation Chapter 10 God tells us that His mysteries would be revealed in the End of Days. The Little Book is the instrument God uses to reveal many such mysteries, not only about God but about many other things including ourselves.

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The Bible Little Book Part TWO

Matthew 24 : 20
But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter,
neither on the Sabbath Day.

The Bible Little Book continues.

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Oak Island Canada:
The Mystery Now Revealed

The mystery of Oak Island Canada uses the same code as the Little Book but this subject only uses a word or words that add up to 666. Because of the size of this subject we are putting it on it's own section.

People searching for treasure on Oak Island Canada goes back to more then two hundred years. There are many theories as to who buried treasure within Oak Island and what may have been buried under Oak Island such as Pirates or Vikings or people who hid the missing crown and jewels of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette or even Shakespeare's missing manuscripts. Others believe it was the Knights Templars and the list goes on and on. Over the years millions of dollars have been spent by many fortune hunters to find the treasures below.

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